Mobile Security
where Smartphones comming smart

Encrypted smartphones are the future,
FOG, sets new standards of privacy, providing you the assurance that you have the best end-point protection on your secure smart phone.

Secure App Development

Successful apps offer the perfect blend of functionality, simplicity and intuitive operation.
We assist you in mastering this balancing act, we take care of data security and privacy. With our knowledgeable experts in the fields: secure app development, design and user experience, we construct a tailor made concept for your needs.


Secure email on your Smartphone!
Encrypted PGP email and/or S/MIME for closed usergroups on your Tablet/Phone or Notebook. With FOGMAIL you can communicate with all people they use PGP, we do not exclude other people for communication, all public PGP keys can be found on public keyserver to ensure secure communication. The phone include a S/MIME and/or a PGP email address, depend of your needs.

  • Connectivity

    The Secure Smartphone include a SIM card that can be used in over 80 Countries worldwide to stay connected all the time, as well on traveling.

  • Software und Service

    The device comes loaded with a state of the art PGP client that provides you complete control of your messages. You can use PGP or S/MIME encrypted emails.

About FOG

FOG has 20 years experience in network security and development of secure solutions, our team is focused on security and privacy, when you are interested in our products or services, please contact us.